jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Describe care for the elderly

The care for the elderly is very important, maybe is so boring, you don’t have time or something  is happening that you don’t want or is impossible to take care the elderly people. But think about it, your grandparents took care of you when you was a baby, so that means that you have to give back the love that they gave you. Is very interesting to care for the elderly people because they count histories of its past and some histories are interesting and another's are very funny.
By Alan

Compare generations

The generations are changing every day always get something new each one have different aspects and different ways of looking the life the news generations are more adapted to the technology and the old are more adapted to the outdoor activities. There are many differences aspects from one to another but is very difficult to describe all the different because none are "equal". Then we say that comparing generations is very interesting because you can learn much from them.
By. Mauricio

martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

Describe Family Trends

In this section, i will concentrate in mexican trends. In Mexico, have many family trends, the reason is because the mexican people, have alot of them. One of this, is family day, where all the person, leave his homes and go to theather, o movie cinema, restaurant, and another many things. Other of this topic, is about Christmas, in that they, all the family gather, and take the dinner, is one of the best day of the year.
By. Delio.